Monday, 5 November 2007

With Chris Hutchings being sacked is my list of the 10 managers who I reckon may have had the least impact in the Premiership.

It's not a definitive list- and by least impact I mean good or bad- getting your team relegated means that you did have some influence.

So here are the Nomarks

1. Chris Hutchings.
Wigan 2007/8 Season. Never really had a chance to make an impact.

2. Phil Neal.
Coventry. Sacked in 1995- he did lead the club to mid-table security in the previous season- but as the club slid down the table he was shown the door.

3. David Pleat.
Sheffield Wednesday. Sacked 1997. He did manage to win Manager of the Month- but other than that nothing much happened. Relegation became an issue and was he sacked before it happened.

4. Danny Wilson.
Sheffield Wednesday. Sacked 2000. A nice bloke by all accounts but took Wednesday nowhere. Strangely David Blunkett lead the calls for his sacking.

5. Steve Wigley.
Southampton. Sacked 2004 (after 14 matches in charge). He made virtually no difference to anything.


At all.

6. Paul Sturrock
Southampton. Sacked 2004. (after less than 6 months in charge- 2 of which were June and July). Another victim of the stable chairmanship of Rupert Lowe.

7. Stuart Grey
Southampton. Sacked 2001. (after less than 3 months in charge). Posh people should not really be chairman of football clubs. Or maybe they should as long as it's Southampton.

8. David O'Leary
Aston Villa. Sacked 2006. I imagine it was difficult to have too much of an impact in any club owned by Doug Ellis but O'Leary had a go- went on to achieve virtually nothing of note and then began to have a go at the fans.

9. Roy McFarland
Bolton. Sacked 1996. Really unable to make a mark- which is a shame because he was a great player.

10. Christian Gross
Spurs. Sacked 1998. He made little impact- chairman Alan Sugar blamed the press-and then sacked him.

Of course it is often the case that is not the manager's fault at how ineffectual they are- this table is as much a list of the strange work undertaken by chairman. From the evidence above it seems that unless Wigan's chairman makes a truly remarkable appointment- they are doomed.