Monday, 19 November 2007

Adrian Chiles -We Don't Know What We Are Doing.

I am currently reading Adrian Chiles' "We Don't Know What We Are Doing" which is a study of obsession with Chiles trying to make sense of his, and others, dedication to West Bromwich Albion. I'll write what I think about the book when I finish it- (though I'm at pg 149 and so far Cress says yes).

What I'm going to do is write a few posts about the book as I read it quoting some bits that I liked and then follow it up with a YouTube Video that will have something to do with West Bromwich - but maybe not the club.


I need to give a bit of context for the first quote. Chiles' knows the man who usually plays WBA's mascot Baggie Bird and when this man says he cannot make the WBA - Pompey game Chile' volunteers to don the suit.

"Before the toss of the coin we line up for a photo. The Portsmouth Captain is Dejan Stefanovic, a Serb. Because my mum's from Croatia, I can speak Serbo-Croat, in which language Baggie Bird now says to him, ' Hello Dejan. Best of luck.' He looks at me, a little alarmed. I suspect he thinks he might be losing his marbles. (.......) he doesn't reply"

Phil Lynott was born In West Bromwich, which I did not know when I woke this morning - so I'm going to post Thin Lizzy doing Whiskey In The Jar.