Sunday, 18 November 2007

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I'm not totally sure about whether to do this -it feels like I'm cheating on Pompey - but as I am one of the shareholders in Ebbsfleet I will try to keep up to date with the news stories about Ebbsfleet (assuming the deal goes through) by posting links to the stories.

These are mostly from today I think

This is nice thread from the Ebbsfleet Chatroom
which shows where some of the Ebbsfleet fan's heads are at.
This is the man behind it all's take on the first match.
A rather cynical piece about the first game and the whole project by the Observer.
The Telegraph are also keen to focus on the disaffected Ebbsfleet fans
This is an optimistic piece about the whole project in the Independent on Sunday where the journalist keeps asking himself questions. Why? I don't know. Did I like it? Not sure. Some good facts about other similar projects at the end of the piece.

...and these are mostly from earlier in the week

A piece from the day of the announcement of the proposed take over from the Independent
and this is another one -they are sort of crowing about the fact they got the story first I think.
This from last Thursday is from Time Magazine no less. (I've been posting links to stories about Pompey in one of my other blogs for a few months now and I've never linked to Time Magazine before). I have however posted links to AP many a time and this is by them.
This is from the South Devon Press. The writer thinks the idea is flawed and he finishes with the line "Put their money where their mouse is" which , whilst not making sense in the context of his argument, is a cracking line.