Monday, 19 November 2007

Ebbsfleet. My Football Club. Round Up.

Here's some of the Stories from today about Ebbsfleet. It's not comprehensive but I hope its useful

We are nerds according to the Mail
The Sunday Times reckons that this means football is now part of the 21st century -(surely it was before - or at least the bits that were played in the last seven or so years)
This columnist from the Times is really against the idea.
This blogger puts up a pretty good defence of the whole idea.
I'm not sure if I posted this yesterday - it's from the Independent and , I think because they ran the story first, they seem to run more articles than anyone else.
This person has been inspired by the idea to suggest that Gurnsey should do something similar.
This is a match report from the Oxford game from a Kent news website.
This is an article from an Oxford Newspaper about the game last Saturday.
This blog just gives an overview of the whole idea - but it's from Malaysia so I thought I'd link to it.
This article is from the Telegraph