Thursday, 8 November 2007

Fergie, Leeds, Manager's Loyalty, Racism, Pele in Sheffield, Beckham in US

A look back at Fergie's 21 years from the Times (with some nice YouTube Videos)
This is also from the Times - 50 reasons why Leeds are Leeds, and it's funny enough, but like most non-Leeds's fans-I just don't like them.
Here's sports writer Gabriele Marcotti in the Times on manager's loyalty, racism and the church of Maradona.
The Guardian's Fiver used Fergie's 21st anniversary as an excuse to have a go at him in a quite unpleasant way that I guess they thought was funny.
Here's the Telegraph's daily round up thingy.
Here's Pele on Beckham from ESPN.
A piece in the Telegraph about Staines FC who are playing in the FA cup this weekend. Their nickname is the Linos- because Staines was once a major manufacturer of linoleum.
Good piece from the Independent about how well Juan Pablo Angel is doing in the MLS
...and a short piece here about Pele going to Sheffield for the "Sheffield invented the game" celebration. (A claim more suited for Cambridge in my opinion)