Thursday, 15 November 2007

Russia hijack the Times. Boca Fans Graveyard. English Aggression and Man City.

The Times ran some silly campaign for English fans to send messages of support to Israel ahead of Saturday's Israel - Russia game. It seems that Russian fans hi-jacked the initiative (if that's the right word) and here are some of their charming e-mails.

The Guardian have run this article about Boca fans who now have their own graveyard.

The Telegraph argue that the English habit of getting stuck in is what has held us back as a team. Not sure I totally agree - they give the example of Barton - who has only played once for England (I think). What he has in common with the England players is not a desire to get stuck in but an over inflated sense of his importance in the great scheme of things.

Walt Disney may be interested in buying Derby (insert your own jokes)

Good piece in the Independent about Erikkson and Man City