Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Various Stories-Bad Managers. BBC Deal. Football Rich List. Fergie

The Guardian have a list of six managers that they thought were really bad. (Only six?)

This is from the Telegraph and is about the BBC/Sky Deal for the Championship.- What I don't understand is this. TV has developed over the last twenty years with the launching of hundreds of channels and in some ways is more fragmented-whilst at the same time football coverage had become more and more about the big clubs and has become very rigid. (It's amazing how many papers write pretty much the same articles about the same subject every day). Now of course there are millions of people all over the country interested in the big 4 clubs- but there are also millions of people who are interested in their local clubs and whilst the local press and local radio know this- it seems that Telly coverage is always moving away from developing this local interest.
Surely- with the way Telly has developed over the last twenty years there is a space for detailed coverage and discussion about local football-for local audiences -which would be funded by advertising for local businesses. It won't be the big money spinner that the Premiership is- but why should it be- it is taking place at a lower level.

..and there endeth my business plan for the day.

..enough of the bottom feeders - here is the Football Rich List- from the Telegraph- (though originally from 4-4-2 I think)

This is James Lawton on Alex Ferguson's 21 years at Man Utd in the Independent.

Silly piece in the Mail about daft goal celebrations.